One Light - Every Adventure™

Adventure Lights Inc. is a Canadian company whose products are recognized for their extreme durability and outstanding performance.

"Extreme Products for Extreme Conditions®" is more than just our trademark, it is part of our mission statement - to make versatile and unique products that can be consistently relied upon to deliver outstanding performance.

Our executive, engineering, and sales offices are located in Beaconsfield, while production, including surface mount and molding technologies, is located in Montreal. Adventure Lights personnel is made up of experts in portable lighting, product design, electronic and mechanical engineering, molding, and manufacturing. Additionally our team includes business personnel in finance and marketing.

Have questions? Feel free to get in touch! We are always happy to communicate directly with our clients and potential clients - a policy in our business which we are proud of.

For over 20 years we have been known for the extreme durability and reliability of our products, as well as their compact, intuitive designs.

With few exceptions, all of our products are made to be waterproof up to 330ft (100 meters) and extremely resistant to impact.

Furthermore, the end user is considered in every step of the design process. The vast majority of our product line is one-hand operable, and providing instant user orientation through tactile feedback is a staple element of ours that we implement everywhere we can.

Our products are made to be compatible with our continuously evolving technologies and patents. Starting with our signature VIP™ back in 1993, we have a long history of stacking new innovations onto already existing templates in a system that is meant to combine the cutting edge with the familiar.

Innovations we have come up with include:

- Reverse Polarity Program Switching®, implemented in our designs to separate Overt and Covert modes or in-field functions from programming functions, depending on the product.

-Mockingbird® user-programmable flashing signatures (with even further developed Master / Slave transmission capabilities in many models).

- AutoSync ™ synchronized group flashing over ad hoc mesh networks,

-Patented omnidirectional lens designs,

-Intelligent water sensing technologies in our lines of nautical products.

-Unique Light Shaping attachments to either restrict or maximize the viewing angle of light signals.

These technologies, as well as the numerous accessories and attachments available for our products, make them endlessly adaptable. In the case of the VIP™, all of our most recent and up to date innovations fit in a package that looks and feels almost identical to the very first models that our oldest clients have become familiar with in both training and missions. We have and continue to implement this philosophy of integrated generations into our subsequent product designs as well.

Our ability to include integrated generational technologies and further adaptable enhancements into our products carries over into the wide range of applications that can be fit into our products.

We strive to incorporate modular integrated systems into all of our solutions.

We manufacture all of our products in-house, so we are uniquely positioned and proud to feature a business model of approachability and cooperation with our end users. Many of our successful innovations have come directly from communication with clients, and we are always happy to comply with custom requests to fit their unique needs.

This open policy, in combination with our ability to integrate generations into every piece of equipment that we make, culminates in what we call our Merlin Services ™. Put simply: if there's something specific that you need, you just need to get in touch and chances are we can make it happen.